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5CP Compostable Bagasse Food Tray

Material: Bagasse

Size: 280mm * 210mm * H40mm

Color: Beige

Custom Order: OEM & ODM

Certificate: BPI/ BRC/ OK COMPOST/OWS/FDA/FSC/Green Seal/Fluorine

Features: 1.Waterproof, oilproof and high temperature resistant(Water or oil at 95°C, impenetrable within 30 minutes)

2.The product can enter the microwave oven/oven/refrigerator, etc.(Heat at 220°C for 3-5 minutes, store at minus 18°C for 3 months)

    Our Advantages

    1. Waterproof, oil-proof, high temperature resistance
    2. 100% Biodegradable  
    3. Microwave,Freezer & Oven 
    4. High strength hardness 
    5. Has natural antibacterial function

    From Nature & Back to Nature

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      Bagasse Pulp
      All-Natural PFAS Free
    • asdzxc2sky
      Natural Degradation Renewable
    • asdzxc3d7y
      High Strength Hardness
      Embossing Process
    • asdzxc415i
      Heat & Low Temperature
      -18℃/90 days 
      226℃/5 minutes
    • asdzxc5zp4
      Smooth and Delicate
      Few Impurities 
      High Cleanliness
    • asdzxc6ru7
      Waterproof & Oilproof
      Bamboo Pulp Leakproof 
      Starch Plasticity

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