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Kangxin (HaiMen) Environmental Technology  Co., Ltd. is a technology innovation oriented enterprise that focuses on disposable environmentally friendly tableware and food packaging. 
We have advanced production processes and equipment, and continue to attract senior talents, focusing on environmental protection, emphasizing safety, and ensuring quality.
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  • EATware is a brand of Kangxin, which focuses on ecotype degradable food containers and fruit and vegetable packaging boxes, including bowls, plates, dishes, packaging boxes, trays, etc.. to meet the customized needs of customers. Unlike other factories in the industry that commonly use chemical additives to achieve waterproof and oil resistant effects, we use the exclusive and independently developed EATplus product formula and high-quality manufacturing equipment to produce high-strength, waterproof, oil resistant, and high-temperature products without adding any fluorinated oil repellent. They are suitable for conditions such as microwave ovens, ovens, refrigerators, and meet the needs of different customers in multiple application scenarios.

    EATware is committed to sustainable development, with the concept of "taking nature, serving humanity, and returning to nature", adhering to the product research and development philosophy of "pure nature, safer", and providing consumers with safe and healthy environmentally friendly tableware. The use of all natural bamboo fibers as raw materials is a fundamental factor that has attracted much attention from EATware. The product can be biodegradable into molecular compounds such as water and carbon dioxide, meeting strict safety, quality, and environmental requirements, and has high global market recognition.

kangxin company

✧ Founded in Year 2007 and its Garden-styled factory occupies 26700 m2.

✧ Total investment of 1.5 billion yuan.
✧ 35000 m2 workshops, warehouse, office and residential buildings.
✧ 15000+ m2 production area. 
✧ 8 Automatic production lines with 80+ equipment, produces 4500tons/year.
✧ 24  Automatic forming machines.
✧ 36  Semi-automatic forming machine.
✧ 20+ Cutting machines.
✧ 4  Lamination machines.
✧ 2  UV disinfection machine.
✧ 2  Inspection machines.

 More than 150 employee:
    R&D                                     5 person;
    QA                                               3 person;
    Worker                                 100 workers with 16 with Senior professional title;
    Marketing                             2 person;
    Sales                                    12 person;
    After-sale service team           2 person


Production Process

Based on environment protection, Emphasize safety, guarantee quality

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Kang Xin(Haimen)Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.

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