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If you want your tableware coating film

What you should know


Which kind film you can choose

PET film:
Waterproof, oil-proof and high temperature resistant, it can be used in an environment of 200 degrees Celsius.
PE film:
The waterproof and oil-proof effect is slightly poor, the price is the cheapest, and can be used at high temperatures of 70/80℃.
PP film: 
Waterproof, oil-proof and high temperature resistant to 120 degrees.
PLA film:
Waterproof, oil-proof, degradable, and can be used in high temperatures of 70/80 degrees.
POF (polyolefin) film:
Waterproof and oil-proof, has a freshness-preserving effect, and can be used for about half a month. At a high temperature of 100 degrees.

Why we coating film

A) If for Chinese clients ,our food is hot, and more oil, so if with film, then oil-proof will be best.
B.  If clients for cake food, with film, will not stick food or cakes creams.
C. If for ice cream, with film, then better water and oil-proof.
D. If for the cold meet or cold fruit, vegetable, then can keep it more fresher and  longer.
E. If for precooked food, then with film can packed with a film cover.
The photos you can take a reference: