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Introducing our No Pfas Compostable Disposable Plate, a revolutionary alternative to traditional plastic and foam tableware. These plates are made from sustainable and renewable materials, making them an environmentally friendly choice for any occasion, Our plates are manufactured by Kangxin (HaiMen) Environmental Technology Co., Ltd., a company dedicated to producing high-quality, sustainable products. The materials used in our No Pfas Compostable Disposable Plates are free from harmful chemicals such as PFAS, making them safe for both the environment and consumers, In addition to being eco-friendly, our plates are also designed to be durable and reliable for serving a variety of hot and cold foods. They are also fully compostable, allowing for easy disposal and minimal impact on the environment, Whether you are hosting a large event or simply looking for a convenient and sustainable serving option for everyday use, our No Pfas Compostable Disposable Plates are the perfect choice. Make the switch to a more sustainable and responsible alternative today with Kangxin (HaiMen) Environmental Technology Co., Ltd

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